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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Haslett Furious About Saints "Home" Game

--posted by JRJ on 9/21/2005

Granted I was cheering for the Giants to win, and for Tiki Barber to run all over the Saints' defense, I still found it odd and unfair that the game Monday night was being considered both a home game for the New Orleans team and an away game for the New York Giants. Having the game housed in the "away" team's stadium is a complete contradiction to the meanaing of the terms "away" and "home." There are numerous stadiums throughout the country, both professional and collegiate, that couldn't housed that game, and would've been a much better choice. Why the NFL chose that venue, with all the revenue made at the game going to the team that was supposed to be away, is still a mystery and one they probably won't ever explain, hoping that everyone will just move on with the season and forget all about it. Problem is, come playoff time, that single game might come into play for more than one team's fate and the playoff picture will be all messed up because of one horrendous decision. It doesn't take that much common sense to realize that the choice they made was in fact, the worst possible option they had to choose from. You can't blame Coach Haslett or any of the Saints' team members for feeling the way they do and for expressing it, they have every right to be pissed off.

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