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Monday, October 31, 2005

Tice Finds Reason to Bench Culpepper

--posted by JRJ on 10/31/2005

Announced within the hour, it has been determined that Daunte Culpepper will need season-ending surgery to repair the ACL, MCL, and PCL in his right knee within the next week. What does this mean for fans of Vikes football? It means that you've got another chance at having a, at best, meager season of entertaining football, which in my opinion, is better than the hopeless crapfest that has been the first half of the season so far. I was cheering when I saw him go down and grab that knee, and laughed out loud when I saw the replay, outlining the helmet-to-knee connection. My mood quickly became somber though, when I realized that something like a blown-out knee would probably not be enough for Tice to keep Culpepper off the field. Given the faith that's been put into Daunte all season, what's a damaged leg when compared to 0 TD's & 3 INT's (week 1) or 0 TD's & 5 INT's (week 2). If he wasn't pulled in either of those games, why would he be now? My fears were finally put to rest though, when I saw Daunte tearing up on the sidelines and Brad Johnson warming up. I'm not a Vikings fan by any account, I'm just forced to watch them every week because my girlfriend is, and this year has been especially rough. Getting away with 4-5 nasty comments about their play is fine enough, but when a team like the Vikings gives a sardonic person like me material on almost EVERY PLAY of the game, if I wasn't able to keep my mouth shut, I would be in the dog house every Sunday afternoon, save the bye week.

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Blogger Douglas said...

I seem to recall the Dallas Mavericks, in one of their lousy periods, trading 4 players in a blockbuster trade. Can we do something like that now?

November 01, 2005  

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