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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Feature of the blog - sports

--posted by JRJ on 1/12/2006

Sports is a big part of our culture AND my interests. Recently it has been a big part of my traffic as well. So, what is here for sports?

There is a page for every team in the three major sports (the NHL is under construction) and for each conference in the NCAA Division I and II.
Major League Baseball
National Basketball Association
National Football League
National Hockey Association
National Collegiate Athletics Association

The team pages for the professional sports have team histories…how many championships, pennants, conference titles, division titles, playoff appearances, previous home cities and team names, years of existence, etc. Coming to these pages soon will be newsfeeds so that you can keep up to date on the news about your favorite teams.

Playoff previews I hope will be a regular feature…maybe even pre-season predictions.

And for those of you looking to be aspiring sports writers let me know. I am looking for a co-author to pick up on the sports commentary.

Check it out, join the discussions and join.



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