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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Features of the blog--what are all of those pictures

--posted by JRJ on 1/10/2006

I am on vacation and my ability to blog is very limited. So I have asked Jon, co-author in hiding, to publish a series of posts during my vacation highlighting various features of the blog that you may not be aware of.

I like blogs with a variety of topics, but I hate reading a post and finding out halfway through that it is a topic I really have no interest in. Because I want this blog to be about politics, news, current events, political philosophy, sports, liesure, life, fun, movies...you get the idea...I needed to allow readers to immediately know what a post was about so they could decide if they were going to read that post or not.

Hence the pictures. A few of them are along the left hand side of the blog. A couple more are at the bottom of the blog. They are "the Archive". If you click on them you will be taken to the list of posts under that topic. There is also a brief explanation of the types of stories that generally get categorized in that topic.

Some of those topics ALSO have news feeds. What are the top 8 stories about Gun Control? Click on that picture and there they will be.

You may also notice that by clicking on a picture in a post you will be taken to that topic's page also. This is true for all of the posts from 7/1/05 to present (and I eventually will finish and adding links to the pictures from 3/15/05 to 6/30/05).

Feel free to cruise them all and get enjoy.



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