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Monday, June 12, 2006

Death Penalty can cause more death

--posted by Tony Garcia on 6/12/2006

Death Penalty...what a debate one can cause by asking if we should have the death penalty for first degree murderers. The concept is simple. The killer caused the worst possible crime and must suffer the worst possible punishment. For the philosophical it is said that the killer broke his end of the social contract and is no longer permitted to exist within society.

Recently Oklahoma became the fifth state to have a instituted a new law providing the death penalty for child molesters. Bad idea no matter what you think about the death penalty for killers.

There may not be anyone lower on the scale of humankind than a child molester/raper. They deserve the hardest of lives that anyone can wish upon another person. I also would feel no sympathy whatsoever if some vigilantes killed a child molester. However as a matter of laws within the society it is a bad idea to have the death penatly for any crime that does not involve a dead victim.


If Chester the Molester is having his warped fun by raping some child and suddenly realizes that he could be put to death if the kid ever talked then what is the incentive to NOT kill the child?

I have a feeling that if someone finds a way to measure an increase of dead kids and decrease of molested kids you will find this phenomenon in the five states (Oklahoma, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina and Florida). What is the thing that would keep Chester from killing his molested victim to help get rid of the "evidence" of the molestation? Some morals suddenly discovered? I seriously doubt it. Dead kids cannot tell who molested them. Yeah, it is a sickening to think about...but it is necessary to realize the reality in order to prevent it from getting worse.

And that is the problem with these bills authorizing the death penalty for rape, child molestation and any other crime that does not already involved a dead person.

I can only hope, for the safety of children, these bills get repealed AND no more are passed like them.


Blogger Nordeaster said...

Solid analysis. I agree. Life terms, maybe -- death no.

June 13, 2006  

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