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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wanted: Unwitting flock to lead

--posted by Tony Garcia on 6/06/2006

No story to link to...there are MANY now. About what? About gay marriage or Constitutional Amendments to protect marrige or about homophobia or...you get the picture. This issue is back again in full force.

Yep, the issue is back in full force just like it was at the beginning of the summer of...hmm, 2004. Like it really wasn't nationally in the beginning of the summer of 2003 or 2005.

So here is the question: How dumb do they think you really are? They being the politicians and agenda setters. Yes, some of you REALLY want a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee marriage is defined as a man & a woman. Yes, some of you REALLY want marriage to be any persons with each other. Yes, a growing number of you want marriage to be any number of persons with each other.

But why are you accepting your issue being nothing (and I do mean nothing) more than an election year gambit? In fact, if an incumbant utters this issue as being so important ask them (with the exception of Michele Bachmann, who actually did author and carry a bill) why they have not been repeatedly, annually bringing the bill/amendment forward already? Especially why not in an off-election year?

It is pretty common knowledge that the Left takes the black vote as a near lock in each election. The only real question is the turnout. The gay issue is becoming simply an issue that leads the flock as a block to rock the vote...that is it. Otherwise this "important" issue would have been discussed last year like it is this year.

Yes, some bills have been authored and then kind of buried away in committees or being tabled. Get some action and let's get this question settled once and for all. And stop calling it "important" when it was not important enough to deal with in similar strength last year.

A little accountability from the sitting politicians would be great. Don't let them get away with these word games designed to confuse the ignorance of the masses. You guys are smarter than I am and I understand the tactic. Don't fall for it and press them on their lack of dedication to the issue in off-election years.


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