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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

St. Cloud Times gets Schiavo case wrong

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/12/2005

These guys are morons.

Actually, they probably are very intelligent...they are taking a liberal position and trying to wrap it up as a conservative one.

Sen. Fischbach (R-Paynesville) has introduced S.F. 2008--Nutrition and hydration provision presumption act. The St Cloud Times claims that this gives the "state suddenly...more power than [the family]."

BZZZZ. Wrong answer. Try again.

The fact is that this bill does two things. One, it has the state begin on the presumtion that undeclared wishes of someone "legally incapable of making health care decisions" default to "provid[ing] the person with nutrition and hydration to a degree that is sufficient to sustain life." That's it. It changes the default from death to life.

The St Cloud Times then makes the claim that "[i]f the state is going to make such a demand [defaulting to life], it should at least provide plenty of educational opportunities about directives and continually provide the resources necessary for people to fill them out, or update them."

BZZZ. Wrong answer. Try again.

The state requires a will or a trust to prevent the state's legal defaults from occurring. They also leave the responsibility of doing so right where it belongs...with the citizen. This bill is a good bill for the most part.

The St Cloud Times simply misses the boat on this one.


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