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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rowley to associate with hatred

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/16/2005

The Democrats were trying to recruit Coleen Rowley to run in 2004 I said to her after our interview that staying out of politics will help to keep her credibility. Once she goes for one side or the other she will be tainted goods. Her expertise will be wasted as everything she says or does will be viewed as a partisan move.

So now that she announced she has ruined any appearance of objectivity. At least she could appear to be an outsider.

Well, until now.

Keep in mind that you are measured by those that you associate with. According to MDE Coleen is going to visit the Moron Mommy in Texas. The whole point of the "vigil" has nothing with Cindy's son. It is about her ultra-liberal (Marxist?) agenda...and she is being used by everyone there for their own agendas of hatred.

And now Coleen is going down there...to join the agenda of hatred.

We, as Kline supporters, need to make sure this visit stays in the front of everyone's memory.


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