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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Movie Review: Happy Feet

--posted by Pete Arnold on 11/19/2006

Okay, First a disclaimer… If you read this, first, you'll hate the movie. Having gone through a year of film study, and my loathing for Agendas in media that don’t agree with my own, I can sometimes see things, like agendas in a film, where others tell me I'm over-reacting. But this time, it was made pretty clear. Our children were being brainwashed by this movie: Happy Feet. I know, I know… I’m a sick, twisted freak.

Having said that, I saw Happy Feet tonight, which scored Number 1 at the box office this weekend, beating out the premier of Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie (of which I also saw, as you’re no kind of man unless you see the new James Bond movie on opening weekend).

Happy Feet was all cute and special at first: A true kids movie. In a world… where penguins rule the land… one penguin… named Mumbles Happy Feet… can not sing like the other penguins do. Instead, he can dance. Now, this queerness causes Mumbles a lot of drama, because each penguin’s song... well… it’s kind of a mating ritual thing. Bow Chicka, Baow, Waow… You know what I’m say’in.

Well, the penguins are in the middle of a food shortage, as the fish are scarce…

Okay, here it comes… its Human’s fault isn’t it?

As all the fish are scarce, and there are stories of strange creatures that are taking all the fish. Yep. Human’s fault. Now, to make a long intro short, Mumbles ends up setting off to “talk” to the strange creatures (humans) to try to find a way to co-exist. He ends up swimming after a fishing boat, and “propelled by his rage” ends up washing ashore next to some sort of industrialized area, what looks like a oil refinery or something equally as evil… next to a large city. Those damn humans.

Mumbles wakes up in a zoo, caged like some sort of animal (which he’s not… he’s a penguin… wait… never mind) and after going crazy locked up in the zoo, he dances for a little girl, who then brings apparently everyone to see him, and they slap a radio collar on him, and put him back into Antarctica… where he finds his home group of penguins, some guys fly in and see them all dancing… then the Media shares the video with everyone, the whole world is angry that humans are taking the penguin’s food supply… the UN gets involved (yes, the UN) and human fishing is barred from anywhere around Antarctica, and now there is enough fish for all the penguins and the movie ends with a warm fuzzy.

Wait… the UN?

Yes. The frick’en UN.

Happy Feet, is mentioned on the site Boycott Liberalism, as Robin Williams is in it, but I saw it anyway because I have a nephew, and that’s what he wanted to see despite my warning that seeing that movie would help promote liberalism. I know, he’s got a lot to learn.

Now, in movies, I’m pretty good with the whole suspension of disbelief thing. Self aware penguins, swimming to some far away land, the far out possibility that Mumbles would end up at home… but then the UN got involved and bahm! There went the movie for me. I leaned over to my mommy (yes, I still call her my mommy) and mentioned something that had to do with brainwashing, and pointing out how I’m right again about the media and their ever-present agenda.

Oh yea, and the pursuit of "Aliens" (as humans are called) trumps the pursuit of the penguin's religion also. It wouldn't be a true liberal agenda driven movie without a stab at religion.

So, movie go’ers, I would give the first 2/3 of ‘Happy Feet’ 3.5 stars. The last 1/3, brings the average number of stars for the whole movie down to a total of 1/2 star. When you do the math… carry the Liberal Agenda… and that’s a pretty low rating. Bring your kids to Casino Royale instead. America will thank you.

P.S. If that wasn't enough to keep you away... the Star Tribune loved it.

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Blogger filipe cordeiro said...

That´s just typical... Anyone who makes movie reviews can´t pass the ceptical analysis of actors, storyline, etc... What about the social component of the movie?? What about the ethical analysis? What were you studying in cinema school?? AS i said, that´s just typical... I´m really glad that the academy awards have people who understand the richness of making movies...

March 30, 2009  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

Are you talking about the same "academy awards" that awarded Gandhi with "Best Costume Design" over Tron.

What about the social component of the movie? What specifically would you like analysis on? "Ethical analysis"?

I believe a movie targeted at children should NOT be used as propaganda for "social" indoctrinations and only very limited and basic ethical messages.

The fact that this movie had any of those to degrees I believe are actually unethical I chose to overlook. I instead viewed the film with the very overt spectrum that its advertisements and marketing provided: a kid/family movie.

All of the other aspects you feel were missing I believe should NOT be in any family flick.

April 09, 2009  

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