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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Why Debate With A 26 Point Lead

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/01/2012

California Senator Diane Feinstein (who I still think looks like Momma from "Throw Momma From The Train") is not going to debate with her challenger.

Can't blame her, really. In a state that would elect Marx, Castro, Pelosi or Putin before any even close to center there is really nothing that she or the population can gain from a debate with Righty.

Throw on top of that a 26 point lead in the polls and it is an easy thing to understand.
Polls show [Elizabeth] Emken posing less of a challenge than [the four previous opponents]. A September Field Poll put Feinstein at 57 percent and Emken at 31 percent, a 26-point margin that grew from a 19-point advantage in July.
The campaign spokesperson's reaction was worthy of a chuckle.
Emken spokesman Mark Standriff scoffed at the explanation and continued to criticize the incumbent's failure to debate.

"That's unworthy of the office she's been holding for two decades and disrespectful of the people she claims to represent," Standriff said.
Actually, it is quite representative of California. They are are perfectly represented by her.

And the public is getting a service by not having to suffer debates.

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