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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Right-to-die advocate nails Schiavo's national implication

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/22/2005

A right-to-die advocate nails Schiavo's national implication.
It seems to me extremely dangerous to establish a precedent that the next of kin alone can not only make all decisions, supposedly based on a patient's wishes and their medical status, but, then also giving the next of kin sole right to announce what those wishes were and to determine how the patient's condition will be determined. Given the obvious conflicts of interest that can arise over inheritance, etc., such a system invites abuse.
And why is the media doing such a horrible job on this?
While I usually think you conservatives are whining about 'liberal bias', given how important the context is to understanding this case and given how easy that information is to find, I can't help suspecting that the fact that this case came to national attention due to lobbying by the religious right means that the 'elite media' have automatically come down against it...
See, this is not a blue-state/red-state issue. There are some seriously problematic ramifications AFTER the whole denial of due process and murder of Terri are moot.

See the quote here.: "tropo"


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