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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

State of education? Sex assualt coverup

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/13/2005

This story is sad, sick, warped, and a testament to how out of touch school administrators are.

A 16-year-old special-education student had been sexually assaulted in the school auditorium by a group of boys, one of whom videotaped the attack.

The girl immediately reported the incident to a special-education teacher. But, the administration tried to cover up the incident.

First attempt:
Lisa Upshaw (a special-ed teacher) told investigators that the administration did not call the father immediately.

Second attempt:
An assistant principal, Richard Watson, urged the father not to go to the school to pick up his daughter until after the end of the school day "to avoid a confrontation with the suspects," Upshaw told the investigators.

Third attempt:
"Mr. Watson said, `No, we don't want to do that. We don't want the police,"' Upshaw told the investigators.

The father stepped into the hallway and called the police on his cell phone.

Watson and other administrators told investigators that the principal, Regina Crenshaw, also advised the father to avoid calling police, the investigation report says. She recommended he report the incident to a police officer who usually was stationed at the school.

The principal has been fired. Any of the administration involved should be fired. All of them without any compensation. Charges for covering up a possible felony should be pressed.

The teachers should be suspended for their negligence in contacting the father.

The boys should be expelled (and being so close to the year end maybe the expulsion should be for next year so they are held back longer). Charges should be pressed against the boys.

What is more heinous, the fact that this occurred or that the administration worked so hard to cover it up?


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