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Monday, May 23, 2005

CR vETS for "truth" dishonest again

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/23/2005

WARNING: Very Harsh Criticisms and Words ahead.
And knowing how evil those I criticize are I do not doubt that my life is in danger for posting this. But truth is more important than life.

A funny thing happened yesterday. Dan "Ox" Ochsner, Marty Andrade, Tommy the Producer, and I were at lunch yesterday discussing our radio show among other things. Ox asked our opinions of the College Republicans and we had to be honest with him. We told him the reasons that they are thugs, thieves and tyrants. They are mostly liars and as an organization they are bringing the good name of the Republicans down. These CR issues, as well as the winged-monkeys behind some of the issues, are more important to the party as a whole than most people in the party realize. Dan proceded to tell us that he knows one of the people that we were talking about, to which I told him that it does not change what they are.

Then I read the CR vETS for "truth" blog today. I have not read their pap for some time. But there is a need for Republicans to be aware of the kind of "leaders" that will be making their way into the GOP ranks eventually (as Hoplin is now).

First item to be addressed: Elections
The headline reads "Davidson Partisans Divide New Mexico Federation -- Continue to Undermine Duly-Elected State Chairmen". Let us keep in mind that we are talking about an organization that rarely allows honest elections. Take the CRNC Chair race...this is a position that is generally handed to a selected successor by the outgoing chair. The election is a sham.

Also keep in mind the way that the MN CR continuously hold mock elections and freeze out competition through ever-changing rules. I speak on that from first hand knowledge...how a chair (Kristen) was told by the state CR board that Tyler will be the next Chair. She then held secret nominations, threw out the ones that posed a tangible threat, closed nominations and then revealed who the candidates were. Corrections due to her intentional "errors" were ruled out of order by her and upheld by the parliamentarian she appointed (her husband).

That is the method of "duly-electing" chairs within the College Republican organizations.

Second item to be addressed: John Plecnik
"CR wannabe-vets who lie" are attacking John Plecnik for wanting the RDI fundraising scandal to be a central topic of the CRNC Chair election.

Since you wannabe-vet idiots can't seem to see above Gourley's beltline where you spend most of your time Lewinsky-ing him you do not seem to see that a very real and recent fundraising scandal has occurred. The current crooks administration has been trying to sweep it under the rug, like Clinton tried with Lewinsky. The full issue of RDI, the millions stolen from the elderly, the union-like method of returning those monies, the denigrating seniors as "senile"...those all rightfully should be a front-and-center topic of the election. Only a criminal would want it hidden. Only Democrats would want a scandal to disappear (I'm sorry to my Democrat friends, that was not very fair to you.)

If you have done nothing wrong then why run away from it? Just as I asked Hoplin (which he evaded answering) if you're handling of RDI is so honorable then why not trumpet it as your own campaign issue.

Answer: because you were up to your eyes in the corruption...I have a hunch you had your own payola from the deal and that is why you are fighting so hard to make certain you maintain control of the chair's office.

They go on.
Plecnik has worked hand in hand to promote and bolster Michael Davidson’s candidacy for national chairman. John uses his e-mail list to support Michael Davidson and add weight to his campaign message and strategy.

It seems that the CR vETS for "truth" don't just have a monopoly on lying and theivery, but they also have the market cornered on hypocrisy. See, they put a negative light on "using his e-mail list" to help Davidson, but are suspiciously silent regarding the vast resources of the CRNC that Hoplin and Gourley use to advance Gourley's campaign.

Pathetic hypocrites. That particular piece of double standard was written and embraced by Brian Mazanec. The other authors of that pulp of lies are Mike Herbert and Bryan Shuy. These guys names should be marked down. The very methods that they have employed on Gourley's behalf should be an indicator of what they will be like when they try to move up. They already are a disgrace to the GOP...they need to be halted now.

Final thing to be addressed: Davidson's co-chair
In typical Dan Rather fashion Brian Mazanec reports of "sources" who told him that Davidson was going to select someone else for his co-chair.
1) Big frickin' deal, you putz.
2) What sources?
3) If you were an honorable person, fair and truthful (like a real Republican you would have reported why Davidson's first choice did not accept instead of saying "[she] refused"...implying negative feelings.
4) If you were an honest person you would not write falacious hypotheticals like, "It has not been determined when or if Davidson ever made this offer known to Sarah Floerke, or how she reacted to the news if she was indeed informed." Offering negative questions with the implication that they may be true is pretty devious.

In an unrelated story, it has not been determined how many or when the last gay lover had a rendevous with Brian Mazanec.

You see what I mean. I think for every one of those that you lob I will do the same.

There is one question that remains about Brian Mazanec. Is he so stupid that he does not understand the nuances of his words, or does he understand the nuances and uses them intentionally thus making him a very evil and malicious person. Either way he is not someone that should continue any leadership roles within the GOP. The GOP does not need someone who is so careless with their words nor someone so evil.

The list of counter-GOP (people whose actions or words are harmful to the overall cause of the GOP, typically for their own individual gains): Ron Eibenstiener, Paul Gourley, Eric Hoplin, Kristen Meyer and Brian Mazanec.


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