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Friday, May 20, 2005

I hate stupid made-up causes

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/20/2005

This freak thinks that there is intentionally a swastika in the middle of the Metrodome roof.

First, Dude, you are a prime example of why natural selection should be allowed to thin out the part of the population that has no common sense.

I think it is fair to note the possibility that this guy's real motivation is a a new Vikings and Twins stadium. Boy, these pro-stadium people will try anything to get their way, huh? Even trying to swindle money from the Dome's architects, "This [Holocaust] memorial would be erected on the grounds of the new stadium that these companies would also provide monies for."

Now, I have been to the Dome many, many times in my 11 years in Minnesota and I contantly am looking at the structure. It fascinates me to look at the suites and realize that they are at ground level. I am amazed at the amount of weight supported above and how the roof itself is supported. I even stare at the jigsaw type of pattern that the roof appears to me. I never noticed the stupid swastika.

This freak makes a couple of outlandish claims that really should not be addressed (their folly speak for themselves and they have no supporting argumentation), but they should be pointed out.

"Is this the greatest hate crime in American history?" The way it reads the author is actually exercising piss-poor grammar and it was obviously intended to be a statement, not a question. This guy's lack of thought is all the more evident.

Digging around on this guy's website you find out that he has another crusade...he is anti-SUV. More on that later.


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