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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Newsweek sorry for starting riot that kills people

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/15/2005

Newsweek screws up a story, riots ensue and Newsweek says, "Oops, we're sorry, but it was the FBI's fault."

So, Newsweek comes offers a new story about how this all happened. But they just presented a cover story. The real story is an unhealthy attempt at a one-two punch at the Bush Administration.

First they run a report that the Administration was desecrating the Koran in its interrorgation of terrorists. They did it in classic liberally-biased method. If anyone says something negative about a Republican then the story is worth running. CBS, Star Tribune, New York Times and the rest of the MSM do this.

Riots broke out as a result of this lie-infected story. People died. The story now is not that Newsweek was responsible for innocent lives being lost. No, the story was that the riots broke out as a result of Bush Administration actions (the desecrations).

At last it was made public that the original story was full of crap. So the story now is basically, "How can you blame Newsweek? We read a story to a Bush Administration official and he did not deny it...therefore we were justified in assuming it was true. It was the Bush Administration's fault that we got the story wrong and that our story caused riots and that innocent people died. Not our fault, but Bush's."

Mainsteam media strikes out again.


Blogger erinberry said...

Oh for pete's sake.

How about the Bush administration's lies on WMD's in Iraq? Those have been good for tens of thousands of deaths.

How about the fact that the military has come out and said that the riots were most likely NOT anything to do with the Newsweek story?

How about the fact that Newsweek checked their story ahead of time with the military, who raised NO objections?


May 19, 2005  

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