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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bad Shopping Experience

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/12/2005

Instrument Pro Sucks
Now why is that...read on. And feel free to pass it on...PLEASE.

The Order
I tried to order a dust cover for my piano. I did a google search for my specific model and the specific part number that I got from Yamaha. So my search string was "dust cover
DGX500 Yamaha kdc5600" which was the piano number, brand dust cover model and the description of the item. The link I followed was for Instrument Pro. At the time they were only slightly more expensive, but had no shipping charges. This was originally purchased BEFORE Thanksgiving. Payment was immediately done through PayPal. Shipping was supposed to within 7-10 days.

Oops Number One
In December (just before Christmas) I got the shipment. Now, given the steps I described above explain how they shipped a cover with a part number of kdc4800. Well, that is what happened. I called immediately and after being on hold for about 30 minutes I called and left a message...which according to their greeting message would be returned the next business day. I'm still waiting for a return call.

Finally after a couple of days of calling I got a hold of someone. They issued a Return Product Authorization which I received via e-mail. I shipped the item back. From what I was told the correct product would be shipped when they receive the incorrect one. OK, that is fine and makes sense.

Oops Number Two
In early January I noticed that the return had been delivered by UPS. So I waited for the correct product. And I waited. And I waited.

Three weeks later I called to find out where the replacement was. Again I had left a number of messages that would "be returned on the next business day". I'm still waiting for a return call. I am estimating that at this point there were over a dozen messages left.

When I finally got through to a person (January 31, 2005) they said that they had not shipped the replacement because I had not called yet. WHAT? That would have been nice to know in the previous conversation or either of the e-mails that were sent by them.

They claim that the item will be shipped the next day.

Oops Number Three
In late February I got the replacement product. Guess what...It was the wrong item again. Now I am pissed. It has been over 3 months since the initial order and attempt number two failed. I called again...and again with the routine of being on hold for 30-60 minutes before calling and leaving a message...this time there was a total of 8 messages (yep, 8 days before I got a hold of a live person). To this day THOSE calls have not been returned yet.

"Hi, I got the wrong replacement product sent to me agian." I explained the process to this point, the lack of return calls and the frustration of it taking so long to get a dust cover. His response was that the first order was my fault and that I must have given them the wrong part number for the replacement. I asked him how I would be holding a kdc4800 cover in December saying it was not the one I needed and then say "I need a kdc4800". He said I may have been confused. "Does it matter?" He said no. I said, "Let me be clear. I'm holding a kdc4800 but I need a kdc5600."

He said he had a kdc5600 in his hand (he put me on hold to purportedly get one). He was going to send that out that night. "Do you have to wait for me to send this one back?" "No, given the circumstances and the frustrations with this transactions." Are you sure? Yes. "OK, I'm not sending this back until I get the correct one." "That is correct."

The Last Straw
Three weeks later (which puts us at the beginning of March--for something that was originally ordered before Thanksgiving) I still did not have the product in my hand. Again with the call, long hold times, leave messages routine. Those 5 or 6 calls are still unreturned. I finally got a person and they said it is because I have not returned the 2nd incorrect product. "I was told not to." "Well, we can't send it out until then."

I told him basically that the company made a promise to me to send the replacement out right away. He gave me a lecture about how "from the company's perspective it does not make sense to have to products outstanding". I asked him to hold for a moment, I did the google search again and this time selected Andy's Music Store Online, got the purchase ready. Then I explained to this phone rep that I understand what he is saying but that an order that has been shipped incorrectly twice, has taken dozens of unreturned messages and over 3 1/2 months so far, and rude customer service should be granted some extra service.

"We cannot do that." "Let me make this understood, I'm not risking a third trip to a UPS pickup. I want to make certain that if after this horrid experience Instrument Pro is not willing to make accomodations to right their wrongs I will get the item elsewhere. He would not send the correct one out. [click] "That click was me purchasing the item from somewhere else. Just cancel my order and refund the money." He hung up.

The Saga Continues
I sent the incorrect product back the next day. They signed for it with UPS 5 days later. I sent with the product a letter complaining about the whole ordeal and attached the packing slip from Andy's Music Store Online.

One week later I checked my PayPal account. No refund. This time it took me 4 days (calling twice a day) to finally get through. Those 7 messages are still unreturned, btw. The reason the refund was not done: it was not processed. "Do you still want to cancel the order?" "Considering that I received the product already from Andy's Music Store Online, I want to cancel my order with you guys. I made that clear last week."

Finally, the next day (April 19th, 2005) I got my money back.

By far, the worst online shopping experience I have had short of actual fraud. Instrument Pro Sucks.


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