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Sunday, May 08, 2005

NBA Playoff Preview--Round 2

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/08/2005
Well, Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs begins today. I went 7-1 in my first round picks (here and here) but some of them were gimmies. Here are my predictions for Round 2.

Western Conference
#1 vs #4

The best record in the NBA facing off with the MVP of the NBA. Should be a good series. The reason I will root for the Mavericks is that the further MVP Steve Nash goes in the playoffs the more intense Shaq will get and I want the Heat to lose. The other reason I like Dallas this year is that they average well over 100 points per game. As Nash has said: that is how basketball should be played.

A good series, but in the end Phoenix is well rested, Dallas finished a tough 7-game battle with only one day rest. The Suns will get the jump on the series and ride it to the Conference Finals.

Suns in 6.

#2 vs #3

San Antonio is a strong team. They man-handled Denver even with Tim Duncan not playing well. Now that he seems to be in his groove again I think this series will be quick. Another reason to root for the Spurs: I think that they are one of the few teams that can take Miami out.

Spurs in 5.
Eastern Conference
#1 vs #5

No question about this. Miami is a far stronger team than most all of the others in the East. Washington is decent but they should consider themselves lucky if they can steal one game out of this series.

As of this writing the Heat already destroyed Washington in Game 1.

Heat in 4.

#2 vs #6

Detroit is a strong team that can win it all. Indiana has emotion going for them. I am rooting for Indiana because, as I have mentioned, one of my favorite athletes of all-time is Reggie Miller and this is his last year.

Sadly, I think that this will be his last series. Pistons in 6.


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