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Sunday, April 24, 2005

NBA Playoff Preview--Western Conference

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/24/2005
This year's Finals should be pretty good. The West has some very dominating teams and the East's two elite teams are capable of beating the West's powerhouses.

This is like the East's #1 vs #8 matchup. There is not much hope for the boys from Memphis. They had better be satisfied with the prospect of pulling a game out of this series.

Suns in 5. As of the writing of this preview Game 1 is at the half and the Suns lead 59-50.
Suns win 4-0

Carmello Anthony was fun to watch. The Nuggets are a much improved team from almost any other year in their history. They are also the hottest team in the league as of right now. But the Spurs are still too much of a powerhouse for Denver to handle. Denver may be the upset special and could easily make me eat my words. They took Game 1 93-87.

That said I'm still picking the Spurs in 6 (partially because I think the Spurs may have the best chance of beating Miami--and all I want in 2005 is for Miami to not win).
Spurs win 4-1.

This series has trainwreck all over it. The Kings are slipping to be but a shodow of the former selves. The Sonics have lost 8 of their last 10 limping into the playoffs. The teams match up pretty well against each other. As of this moment Seattle has already taken Game 1 87-82.

Again with the coin flip...Seattle in 7. (Yes, that is the Laker fan in me...just can't get myself to actually pick Sacramento.)
Sonics win 4-1

Both teams finished the season on fire. Dallas won their last 9. Houston won their last 7. Dallas finished the season 7 games ahead of Houston. Houston has McGrady. Somehow I think that this will be a hard fought battle which will eventually doom the winner in the second round. The winner of this series will take on a well-rested Phoenix Suns team.

Dallas in 6...and best of luck in the 2nd round.
Mavericks win 4-3.


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