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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Minnesota Killer was a Pothead

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/21/2005

(H/T to Anti-Strib)

I refer to this op-ed not for the 'stand-against-medicinal-medicine' rhetoric. I refer to this piece because of another example of media bias

Simple fact of life is that the "news" is filtered by the natural biases held by all those through whom the news is reported/gathered. The very fact that the MSM and the left deny any media bias is, to me, indicitive of either their inability to realize facts or their unwilligness to admit what they know: the MSM is very left-leaning.

My guess is the latter. And the very behavior of the left (not wanting to allow opposing viewpoints in the classroom, in the media, etc.) coupled with this MSM/left-wing bias is why the possibility of the Fairness Doctrine being revived and applied to talk radio is a real danger.


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