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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is this the proper role of a labor union?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/20/2005

Today at the University of Minnesota there was a rally relating to the closing of the General College. AFSCME (clerical union on campus) sent the following e-mail to its entire membership:
Sisters and Brothers:

In Solidarity with the General College Student Board, Make your voice heard!

Defend Public Education! Nationally recognized research indicates that General College is a hugely successful model of recruitment and retention for students from underserved communities. Rather than eliminating it, General College should be asked to teach its model programs to the rest of the University. To do so it must be protected and allowed to flourish as a separate entity. (From AFSCMEs Statement on Strategic Positioning)

Show AFSCME support! Local 3800 President Phyllis Walker will be speaking.

JOIN US at the KEEP General College Open Rally
Wednesday, April 20
11am - 1pm
Northrop Plaza

Now what the hell does the closing of a segment of the college have to do the with organizing resources of the clerical union?
Why Support General College?
GC is essential to enhancing diversity at the University of Minnesota
GC provides equal access to a high quality education
GC has had 38 prestigious award-winning staff and faculty members since 1967

That's it. Nothing in there about jobs. Nothing in there about staff. This is a blatant abuse of the union's resources (and in essence its compulsary fees). Shouldn't there be an investigation by the Attorney General?

Oh, and they claim that the reasons for closing down the General College were: Racism, Classims and Elitism.

I'm so glad I'm not paying their fees anymore.


Blogger HM2 Viking said...

Completely appropriate for a labor union to advocate for keeping an employer open. One of the reasons for labor unions is to cllectively bargain to maintain job security and for improved benefits. Can't bargain for benefits if there is no job!

July 30, 2005  

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