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Monday, April 18, 2005

Party Matchmaking Service

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/18/2005

H/T Anti-Strib

Well, I was wrong. What I was looking for was on a different blog. I come across more people who identify with one party though they are at complete odds with the platform. My wife's family has a lot of vote-the-ticket Democrats but when you talke to them most of them are actually one of us "right-wing" wakkos.

Myself, I am a Republican and know that I support just over 1/2 of the platform. (My results are below.) But I know that. And now you can too. Take the Party Matchmaking Service test now.

1) Libertarian Party 79%
2) Constitution Party 71%
3) Republican Party 58%
4) Reform Party 38%
5) Democratic Party 33%
6) Natural Law Party 25%
7) Green Party 21%


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