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Thursday, April 14, 2005

CR Veterans for Truth Agian show they are frauds

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/14/2005

The CR "vETS" for "truth" show again they are a fraud.

They claim to be "Veterans"...besmirching those of us who served in the military. They, in slimy fashion play Clinton-esque word games to defend themselves.

They claim to be "looking honestly" at the issues but there is not one mention of the fact that their candidate, the crook also known as Gourley, continues to avoid debating his opponent out of fear that the truth will be broadcast.

They claim they have no vendetta but call the opponents "chickens", likens us to "Jesse Jackson", implies that there are "serious institutional histor[ies]" with some of the supporters and the list goes on. They malign their opponents by claiming "something ["October surprise" like] outrageous from Davidson supporters in the not-too-distant future" is coming. Yep, these are "Republicans" who are "vETERANS" about "truth" throwing lies about Republicans who oppose them.

Is that the kind of crowd the Republicans want to be their leader?

See, I am calling Hoplin (selectee for MN GOP vice-chair) and Gourley (candidate for CRNC Chair) crooks. Their relationship with RDI (mysteriously omitted from the "vETS" for "truth" website) is something that borders criminal. Their fundraising tactics (which both boys were deeply involved) are immoral at least and criminal quite possibly. (click here or here or here or here...you get the idea.

One last question to the CR vETS for "truth?" (since I know they keep tabs on this blog)...since you boys are so against anonymity why not name the actual blogs you keep referring to? Or is it just a sham that there are these horrible sites? Why do you not call your boy on the carpet for avoiding any public debates against his opponent? That, as I see it, is the epitome of a candidate trying to keep himself from being exposed. That will only do more harm to the CRs in the long run.


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