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Monday, April 18, 2005

CR Liars are spinning for Crook

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/18/2005

CR "vETS" for "Truth" just blatantly refuse to set aside their hypocrisy.

While claiming that they hold no vendetta they have some of the most blistering attacks of political opposition.

While claiming that they will present the actual facts "behind the relationship with RDI...[and] the...CRNC" they NEVER address it.

While claiming that they want the best man for the job (well, they don't claim that...so I have to wonder what their motivation is) they support blindly a crook in Gourley.

Now, they expect all College Republicans to unite behind a theif, a swindler, a man that robs old ladies and blames it on them.
...in the end of the day we're on the same side and we shouldn't be lambasting fellow republicans with ridiculous charges...

and then they close with, "we're better than that."

No, sirs, WE, those who oppose crooks like Eric Hoplin and Paul Gourley are better than that. Those who hide the crimes and support the criminals not better than that.

Sorry, the divide in MN continues because of what a scoundral Hoplin is...for the long-term good of the CRNC I hope there is a divide as well.


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