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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Political Correctness must die now

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/17/2005

Political correctness is a bane to security, free speech and a whole host of things that make a good society. PC is evil. It may be the undoing of the United States via the war on terror.

Northeast Intelligence Network reports:
16 August 2005: By their very nature, Islamic terrorists are sick and inhumane, having twisted religious ideologies that cause them to stop at nothing to exploit the weaknesses of our security forces. Currently, we are seeing the terrorists teach new methods and tactics to accomplish their objectives of causing mass casualties.

One of the more insidious methods is to utilize a willing female to feign late-stage pregnancy and place explosives into the empty womb cavity as shown in these images. The message is clear: to exploit political correctness in the U.S. and elsewhere to bypass normal security with little notice (who would dare question the authenticity of a pregnancy?) and inflict the most causalities possible.

It comes down to this: Either Political Correctness dies soon or many Americans will dies soon.


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