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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rowley for Senate?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/30/2005

(H/T: M.D.E--who is me, btw)

It seems that either Coleen Rowley's staff is as out-to-lunch as her ability to come up with a solution to Iraq or she is gearing up for a run for Senate instead.

Here are scans of literature being passed out at the DFL Booth at the State Fair. The header reads "Coleen Will Listen To You! Coleen Rowley for Senate"

As MDE put it,
"I don't know what scares me more: Rowley actually being elected to the U.S. Senate or a campaign (or volunteers) producing literature that shows the wrong office the candidate is actually running for?...I may be scared the most by nobody at the DFL booth noticing the headline before this material was made available to visitors."

In requesting an interview with Rowley (to discuss her trip to Camp Cindy aka Camp Moron Mommy) her campaign staffer that returned the call this morning made light of the fact that the radio show is in the 6th District. I thought it might be because we had interviewed her last December (when she was an objective observer, before becoming a partisan ideologue thirsting for the power of Congress). That is until I read MDE's comment:
Is this why Rowley was campaigning in Rochester which is outside the 2nd Congressional District?

Let's wait and see...what the spin will be. Will it be Spin City like on Hardball?

MDE reported that the flyers now are showing "Congress" with Senate crossed out. I assume that means it was a typo...a large scale typo for which I guarantee the left would blame Bush for if a Republican did the same.

----------UPDATE 2----------
Trillin (of MN Lefty Liberal) received an e-mail from Rowley's campaign wondering why anyone would care about a typo. The campaign did indeed confirm it was a typo. Let me answer that...You cannot trust a politician any further than one can spit upwind. You even said before to us that "Congress is not for you" and just a few months later you are off and running. You claim that you were a Republican (and people I know who were close to you before you were famous confirm that) but you are running as a Democrat with some far-left positions. You even outflank Bader-Ginsburg on abortion law. How could you be a conservative and then *snap* suddenly an ultra-liberal.

The point is that you, as a politician, cannot be trusted. You say "Congress" and flyers being passed out say "Senate" we all have the responsibility to wonder.

----------UPDATE 3----------
Rowley's campaign, contrary to their promise to call back yesterday to either accept or deny an interview request, has yet to call back. I called and left a message on Monday evening. They called Tuesday morning and said they would check Rowley's calendar to see if she had a mere 15 minutes available on any Sunday in the near future. They said they would call back Tuesday. It is the end of business Wednesday and there was no call.

I think she knows that there will be hard questions and I will not let her get away with the non-answers, avoidance and spin that she has become an expert at as of late. I think she will not because she cannot handle a tough interview. That's my opinion...Coleen, prove me wrong.

----------UPDATE 4----------
Well, you can say I was wrong or you can say Rowley stepped up to the challenge. She will be on Race to the Right on this coming Sunday during the 1:00 hour. Listen to the stream live (available through the show's website) and feel free to call in at 320-215-1990.


Blogger Trillin said...

I e-mailed her campaign and got the following response:

"This is ridiculous. Of course I'm running for Congress, specifically CD-2. It's possible that someone made a mistake on background info and had to cross off "Senate" and put "Congress," but if so, it was just a typo. I don't understand why anyone would over-react to something so small. Coleen"

Still a stupid mistake...

August 31, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

Frankly, I think it is a very inexcusable mistake. For a state house or state senate seat, no big deal. But a high profile person (going on national interviews) and her campaign...not a good sign about quality control.

August 31, 2005  

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