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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Duluth Mayor is a coward

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/29/2005

(H/T: MDE)

On Monday night, September 26th, Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson fired Duluth's chief administrative officer, Mark Winson. In a truly classless way Bergson left a meeting that both were in. After the meeting Winson went to his office and found a termination letter taped to his door. Oh, Bergson, by the way, went out of town so he does not even have to face Winson.

In the letter Bergson said he considered Winson a friend. Really? So you fire a friend for "philosophical differences" by leaving a meeting to tape a "pink slip" to your friend's door as you skip town.

Oh yeah, and you give your friend 3 days to get the hell out, but make sure your stuff is out be the next day. Some friend.

What kills me about the termination letter is that Mayor Bergson is firing his "friend" Winson for ""philosophical differences" that "are apparently insurmountable". And then Bergson says he "made this decision without any personal feelings becoming involved..." You mean aside from the feelings of not having someone to parrot your views. Basically Bergson wants a form of groupthink to run Duluth.

Well, Duluth, you get what you deserve. You elected that gutless guy.


Blogger A guy from West Duluth said...

Sorry for the late posting, but I just saw your article. There is a conservative group in Duluth planning a recall effort on Bergson. I think it's a doomed effort that would make Herb seem like a victim of the right wing conspiracy, but it seems they are determined. On the bright side this really hurt Bergson. Before this act he appeared virtually unbeatable. Since this occurred he has been ridiculed locally, and several viable candidates have floated their name for the 2007 election.

November 26, 2005  

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