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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Brazil rejects gun control

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/25/2005

Brazil rejects gun control but the real news to me is how the media are downplaying the story. The AP version has this paragraph:
Supporters argued that gun control is the best way to staunch the violence. But opponents played on Brazilians' fears that the police can't protect them.
Supporters had the good arguement, opponents just used predatory fear tactics.

What losers! The media suck.

The audio that I heard throughout the day had opponents stating that it since the bad guys would still have their guns no matter what laws were passed it is only right that the good guys be able to protect themselves.

That is a very powerful line of logic and the gun control crowd knows it. The media love gun control (except when it comes to them) and refuse to let the story be told in a fair light.

Good for Brazil!

Shame on the media (no surprise).


Blogger T. D. said...

Good observation, Tony!

I lived in Brazil for almost a decade. You may know that in Brazil voting is required, not optional as is the case here in the US. So, the 63% majority against gun control is really 63%.

It is interesting that so many voted it down because gun ownership is not nearly so prolific there as it is here in the US. In all the time I was there I don't remember meeting one gun owner. But, almost everyone was installing some sort of security measure for their house, apartment, or car.

Though gun ownership is not prolific, there is high identification with those who have been victimized. I think that is why this went down to such clear defeat. Most people may not have a gun or want a gun, but they don't want their or others' security options being limited.

November 01, 2005  

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