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Monday, October 03, 2005

Miers for Supreme Court

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/03/2005

President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to fill retiring Justice O'Connor's vacancy.

I know nothing about Miers except that she is not already a judge. Could be a plus, could be a minus. I would have preferred Bush to have gone all the way with that concept and appoint a non-lawyer.

Some things to consider before we all endorse/oppose her:
1) The Democrats will hold up for as long as possible any nominee. The Court leans left currently with O'Connor being a swing-left-leaning vote. They wish to keep that as long as possible.
2) Paper trails for judges lead to bigger fights. That may be a good thing (to actually fight for a good nominee) but it would also exagerate the above point about the effect of a confirmation delay on the balance of the Court.
3) We do not know her now. Again, this could be good or bad. We really cannot hold to firmly her affiliations during the 80's. People do indeed change. Personally speaking I was a bleeding heart socialist-lite liberal until about 1993.
4) We know that the Democrats are planning to thwart the next nominee. Perhaps Miers is the lamb that will be sacrificed. In the end her nomination may be killed or withdrawn and then BAM a hardline conservative is the next one.

What is troubling are her contributions to Gore against Bush 41. Why? Because Bush 41 was a moderate and she gave to the left of him. But, that was 10 years ago. Additionally, what were her personal connections to Gore at the time? I hate to admit it but if a friend of mine were running for office and asked me for a contribution I would make one. My loyalty to being a supportive friend or family member is higher than even my ideological battles.

Again, I know nothing about Miers and cannot comment on her contributions beyond speculation. Which is what we all need to keep in mind as we consider this appointment.

What I have decided to do is collect some of the reaction to help everyone learn more about Miers.

Miers Led Bid to Revisit Abortion Stance
Cheney supports Miers on Rush
Bush Court pick gave money to Gore
Conservative Princess reaction
Stanley Kurtz of National Review
Gerry Daly: So why am I angry?
Mark LevinIf people are disappointed, they have every reason to be.
Kennedy v Machine: Incalculable Damage
David Frum: Those to whom he owed those loyalties have reason today to be disappointed and alarmed.
William Kristol: Disappointed, Depressed and Demoralized

More to come when time permits.

********** UPDATE **********
Here is some more reaction:
Captain's Quarters: I find this pick mystifying
World Mag Blog: Why would she turn away from the people she has surrounded herself with all her life
Daily Kos: Miers hearts gays, or at the very least she doesn't hate them.
America Blog: Miers' responded to questionnaire from Texas gay group in 1989
Blogs of the Moderate Left: Miers is a bit of a paradox for the Democrats...she may be as good a shot at a moderate as we can realistically expect.
Anti-Strib: Democrat recommended. Bush crony.
Bogus Gold: This nomination has the potential to truly disengage the base en masse.
New Patriot: just because the right wingers don't like her doesn't make her a good choice

I think I will mull these over and come up with a theory.


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