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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shut up about these reporters

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/31/2006

Shut up already about Woodruff and Vogt.
"World News Tonight" anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt left Germany Tuesday on a military plane bound for the United States, where they will receive further treatment for their injuries from a bomb blast in Iraq.
I think what really bothers me about this story is the amount of attention these two are getting.

This duo should get LESS attention than the average military member that is injured. Our military told these idiots they would be in danger. Ignoring the advice of the American military Woodruff and Vogt ventured out to get their story and got hurt in the process. They knew the risks, accepted the risks and went out into the risks. They deserve nothing from the country.

They are getting all of this attention for one reason. The rest of the media feel the sudden smack of reality...and feel that because it is a story to them it is actually a story. They are wrong, but it goes to show you how they have no perspective on what news actually is...and their own feelings get in the way of their reporting.

This "story" is not a story. So, please, shut up about these two!


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