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Friday, March 17, 2006

49ers trade WR, need WR

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/17/2006

My team, the 49ers, had the worst offense in the league. I believe they had the worst defense as well. Yet somehow they ended up with the 6th pick of the coming draft. DAMN.

They need help at the Wide Receiver position. So what do they do? They cut their most experienced WR (Johnnie Morton) and traded their most productive WR.
The San Francisco 49ers traded leading receiver Brandon Lloyd to Washington for the Redskins' third-round pick this year and their fourth-round selection in 2007.
The 49ers are an awful team, yet other teams still want the 49er's players.
The 49ers also could lose another free agent to the Redskins: Defensive end-turned-linebacker Andre Carter was scheduled to visit Washington.

"It's a strange thing to be (ranked) 32nd on both sides of the ball and still have guys after your players," Nolan said.
What might be exciting through all of this is Alex Smith will be in his 2nd year and might be exciting to watch if he has someone to throw to.
The 49ers already released receiver Johnnie Morton earlier in the offseason, leaving oft-injured Arnaz Battle as their most experienced receiver. They're expected to go after free agents, including Pittsburgh's Antwaan Randle-El, and seek more receiving help in next month's draft.
A better offense if they get Randle-El! Randle-El might even be the 2nd string quarterback.


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