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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Culpepper wants out

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/09/2006

Let me see if I understand this.

Culpepper has a miserable season in 2005 (12 Interceptions, 6 TDs...more picks in 7 games in 2005 than the entire 2004 season).

Culpepper has a major knee injury.

Then he wants his contract restructured for MORE money.

Then the owner had to remind everyone that the Vikings have TWO quarterbacks of quality.
Meanwhile, team owner Zygi Wilf corrected Childress on Thursday by pointing out that the Vikings had two franchise quarterbacks in Culpepper and Brad Johnson. In other words, Culpepper is not invaluable.

All this time we wondered why Culpepper was avoiding Childress as if he were a reporter wanting to ask Love Boat questions. Now we know. Daunte was gearing up to play contract hardball.

Let's see, Culpepper was the second-best quarterback on the team last year, has a surgically repaired knee that remains a question mark, and is facing misdemeanor charges as a result of the infamous Lake Minnetonka cruise.
Now Culpepper simply wants out.

From the Vikings standpoint when the high priced damaged QB asks for a raise the team should look at all of its options. They have to figure out what to do with Culpepper AND Brad Johnson. Hmm, who might be interested in either QBs in a trade?

But then...
In an e-mail sent to several media outlets Wednesday, the quarterback acknowledged for the first time that the Vikings have been shopping him and said if a trade does not happen, he wants to be released.

"Now that I have confirmed that the Vikings have been seeking to trade me, I have asked for permission to speak to the interested teams," wrote Culpepper, who fired longtime agent Mason Ashe in January and has been representing himself. "The Vikings have denied my request. If a trade does not happen, then I am asking the Vikings to terminate my contract as soon as possible."

Culpepper, in the fourth e-mail he has sent to the media since Feb. 5, added that if the team elects not to honor his request, he intends "to fulfill my contractual obligations to the Minnesota Vikings." That statement might have been included to limit the Vikings' options when it comes to disciplinary action.
Dante, get a grip. You need to prove yourself AND prove your knee before you can demand being treated like the elite of the league.
"Two days ago I got an e-mail from management that confirmed for me that they did not see me as the player or person that I see myself," Culpepper told the network. "I was shocked. It pushed me to this point [seeking a trade]. The e-mail made no mention of trying to trade me, but I confirmed from an outside source that they were attempting to trade me. While I have not yet told the Vikings, if they do not trade me, I intend to ask the Vikings to terminate my contract."

Wednesday's events marked the latest twist in an offseason saga involving the Vikings and Culpepper, whose season came to an end Oct. 30 when he tore three ligaments in his right knee in a loss at Carolina.

Among the issues causing friction between the sides have been Culpepper's desire for more guaranteed money despite the injury and his decision to rehabilitate his injury at his Orlando, Fla., home instead of in Minnesota. Culpepper's absence from Winter Park has cost him a chance to begin digesting new coach Brad Childress' West Coast offense. The relationship between Culpepper and Childress also is believed to have gotten off to a rocky start.
I do not know WHAT is actully boiling in that head of Culpepper's that is driving this, but his sense of timing is atrocious.


Blogger Douglas said...

It didn't help that he showed up one time dressed like a pimp, and that he's (or rather his lawyer) has already played the race card in the sex cruise case. I'm not impressed. I hope the Vikings succeed in trading him for more than a '98 Pinto and waffle fries (what they got for Randy Moss)

March 09, 2006  

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