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Saturday, March 18, 2006

March Madness Day 2

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/18/2006

The rest of the first round was played yesterday. Some surprises (though my bracket is now toast).

My bracket's upsets for yesterday went 1-3. The one that did happen:
NC State (10) over California (7).

The other upsets from yesterday:
George Mason (11) over Michigan St (6).
This one surprises me because Michigan St always seems to overachieve in the tournament.

Bradley (13) over Kansas (4).
Complete shocker...but should it have been? Kansas was booted last year in the first round by Bucknell. Are they becoming the reliable 1st-round losers that Syracuse is?

Bucknell (9) over Arkansas (8).
Speaking of Bucknell and 1st round upsets this is the 2nd year in a row. Though, like I said yesterday a 9th seed beating an 8th seed is not a big deal.

Northwestern State (14) over Iowa (3).
This was an incredible feat. Little ol' Northwestern State was down by 17 points with less than 9 minutes. They not only came back from a huge deficit in a short amount of time but they did it against the Big Ten Tournament champions. Big upset.

Fortunately my brackets are not harmed too much by this one.

Sadly, looking to today's slate of games there is not one that screams at me as an upset. Since I feel obligated to pick one I will. Picking a 5-seed to beat a 4-seed is a cop-out (even though I think that is the more likely upset) so I will say to watch this one:
Indiana (6) over Gonzaga (3).

Another one depends on how the team's emotional high works for them. If they are more focused because of their upset on Thursday then this game could be a candidate for an upset today:
Montana (12) over Boston College (4).

Since I might be limited in my blogging over the next few days I will put in my Sunday upset pick right now. Since the Kansas loss screwed up my bracket the worst so far I need to root for Bradley as far as possible. This helps to ensure that people who picked teams I had on my brackets as losing to Kansas will not gain as much ground on me. That and the fact that there are not many other upset-ripe looking games my Sunday pick is:
Bradley (13) over Pittsburgh (5).


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