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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Big Election day in Wisconsin

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/04/2006

Today is a big day in Wisconsin politics...sort of.
In Wisconsin this week, people on both sides of the Iraq war will take their passion to the polls, voting in referendums on whether U.S. troops should be pulled out right now.

The measures calling for immediate withdrawal won't carry any legal weight and can't force the Bush administration to pull troops out of Iraq. But just getting the question on the ballot in more than 30 Wisconsin towns is another sign of growing discontent with the war.

Watertown is one of 32 communities that will weigh in, and the town of 23,000 seems an unlikely hotbed of opposition. After all, it voted overwhelmingly for President Bush the past two elections.
I say sort of for two reasons. This is being done to "demonstrate the support" of leaving Iraq. The HONEST way of finding the support amongst the voters would be to have this vote in November.

The other reason I say sort of is because the results will be reported trumpeted nationwide ONLY if the vote goes in favor of cut-and-run. Otherwise the results will be buried if mentioned at all. If this were an important vote the results would be reported regardless of the results.

Regardless of how you feel on this issue (Iraq) this vote in Wisconsin should be treated with exactly the proper level of interest as its importance: none.

BTW, I have a question about the polls of servicemembers opinions. I thought the Hatch Act prohibits them from participating in these kinds of things. I could be wrong and would like some feedback on that.


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