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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

McKinney to be arrested?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/04/2006

I'm sure you are aware of the story. A woman goes through security at the US Capitol and she has no identification showing. The guard does not recognize her (and why should he have to?).

He asks the woman to stop. She keeps going.

He says stop again. She keeps going.

He says stop again. She keeps going.

He stops her, actually touches her (where is not known yet, I am assuming for now the arm). She turns around and hits the guard.

Shame on her. Hooray for the guard for trying to do his job.

Whoops. She is black and the guard is white. Now he is a racist and she was justified in decking the police guard.

Oh, did I mention yet that the woman was a Congresswoman? THIS is the level of behavior from Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia. So she has made this a race issue.
McKinney framed the matter in terms of race. "The issue is racial profiling," McKinney, who is black, told CNN.
Nevermind the fact that less than 5 minutes later in that interview McKinney was confronted with making this a race issue and she condemned Wolf Blitzer for "twisting" her words and that she never said this was a race issue.

Really? Reports I heard when this story first broke said McKinney was offended by the fact that the guard did not recognize her saying, "Why not? Because we all look alike?" I have yet to confirm that (and I'm not really trying to hard...just too busy to that kind of ignorance research time right now). But it is clear she is trying make her actions forgivable because the guard was somehow racist.

Amazing. Rather than taking responsibility for HER forgetting her identification pin and HER ignoring the guard and HER hitting the guard, she is blaming this on racial profiling across the country and on the guard being a racist. Incredible.

At least the DC police have found their pair of onions (for now, at least).
In a statement, Capitol Police said it "has referred its investigative findings to the U.S. attorney." Filing such an affidavit is the first step in obtaining an arrest warrant. Only if Wainstein approves the affidavit can Capitol Police officials ask a judge to issue the arrest warrant.

Wainstein could clear the way for a warrant. He also could turn the case over to a grand jury, even without a warrant, or he could decline to go forward with the case.
I hope she does get arrested, booked, charged and convicted. That would be what the average citizen would have happen. Actually, what would happen to the average citizen if they did this at the US Capitol? That is what McKinney should face!
For her part, McKinney said she expects to represent her suburban Atlanta district for many years.

"Rest assured, I am doing the work they sent me to Washington to do. Nothing is going to keep me away from my responsibilities," McKinney told a crowd of supporters in Atlanta on Monday.
Hmm, and what would that work be? Militant race-baiting? Assaulting police officers? What work is it that you are carrying out?
McKinney issued a statement of regret for the incident but no apology. She and her lawyers have repeatedly declared that she was a victim of inappropriate touching and racism and said they were considering pursuing civil action against the officer.

She and her attorneys have refused to say whether she hit the officer as alleged. James Myart Jr., her lawyer, suggested in a CNN interview that McKinney had acted in self-defense.
Self-defense, huh? I suppose anyone ignoring security measures being stopped requires self-defense. (Because she is so full of hot, steaming crap the steam from the crap actually comes out through her nose...watch for that.) Inappropriate touching? Based on the air of arrogance McKinney is displaying I would say the inappropriateness is that the officer touched her Highness, Representative McKinney at all.
Black clergy and lawmakers came to the defense of the firebrand congresswoman on Monday. McKinney smiled as her supporters heaped praise on her leadership and her new look _ her trademark cornrows replaced earlier this year by a curly brown afro.

Her supporters tried to minimize the incident _ which they called political, not criminal _ but they also suggested it was an example of racial profiling. They called publicity surrounding the episode a distraction that is being used by "her enemies" to keep the congresswoman from performing her elected duties.
Yep, those damn police officers trying to maintain the security of the building...they made her leave her identification pin at home for political purposes. They made her ignore the officer's command to "stop" to distract her from her work in Washington. They made her hit the officer to gain political points.

How ignorant do you have to be to UTTER this stuff, much less actually believe it?
The Rev. Darrell D. Elligan, president of Concerned Black Clergy, called McKinney competent, courageous and committed.

"She has our support unconditionally," Elligan said. "She is not a threat to the security of our country."
Of course she has your "unconditional" support. She is helping you with your race baiting.

This is important because THIS behavior and THIS reaction by McKinney's defenders is exactly what is worsening the race relations in this country. This kind of behavior cheapens the actual charges of racism and bigotry. It polarizes the races. Blacks led by McKinney and her group will believe this whole thing was started because of racism. Whites will realize that McKinney is simply a human being for forgetting her pin (like the rest of us have done from time to time), an idiot for ignoring the "stop" command three time, a thug for hitting the officer and a race-baiting tragedy pimp for blaming this on the officer and racism.


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