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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fair and Biased

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/26/2006

On our show we have several goals. One is in our intro. We try to be the place "where rational thought and common sense are disguised as entertainment". We also try to be Fair and Biased. I mean, everyone is biased. Few admit it, but everyone has a bias that cannot be removed from their broadcast, reporting, writing, etc. We admit it. But we also strive to be what few strive to be: Fair.

There really is not a way to test that except to see what those who you disagree with say.

This past show we had in studio DFL Secretary of State candidate Mark Ritchie. We disagree very much on some key issues regarding the Secretary of State position. What did he say about his time with us?
I had the same experience both times - you guys are funny, fair, and get into the key elements of a topic very fast! I also think you are achieving your other goal of rational thought and common sense disguised as entertainment.

I also really like your blog - congrats!
Thanks. But this is not an isolated instance. We have heard from nearly every guest after the fact on how fair we were. Other sites have also commented in similar fashion.

Thanks to everyone.


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