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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A New Feature of this Blog

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/25/2006

I was going to create a different blog for this idea and thought, "Nah, leave it all here."

Campaign Press Releases by the campaigns are starting to come out in numbers. I am going to try and put them up here as a running record of those releases. Yeah, I understand the real use for these would be opposition research. So, when someone lies in their campaign releases about something like, I don't know, their superior tax record then there will be an archive of them.

I have 2 rules for this feature.
1) The candidate must be on my scoreboard. Candidates not on the scoreboard can leave in the comments section a way to contact them so I can consider adding them.
2) The press release will be collected via e-mail from the campaigns directly. I don't have time to canvass websites, blogs, blah blah blah and then figure out if they have updated recently, etc. Must be e-mail.

The list of the campaigns can be found here.

If you would please send to me an image of your campaign signs I would appreciate that.

Also, I have subscribed to all of the campaign newsletters where the option was available and working. In some cases multiple times with various names. NOTE TO KNOBLACH'S CAMPAIGN...you are an example of a website whose subscription feature is not working.

Enjoy and thank you.


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