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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

1,000th post

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/03/2006

The blog hit its 1,000th post this morning. It was this post.

We are not a high volume blog. According to Kinja we average 17 posts per week. It has been hard work. Well, it has been something. Fun, angering, exhausting and energizing. Blogs are interesting things, aren't they?

1000 posts. Nevermind the 660 posts in the archives. One for each country, each state, each topic here, each NCAA basketball conference, each NCAA football conference, each campaign on the scoreboard, many international organizations, each White House cabinet, each major sports team--MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA, AFL, MLS and the Olympics, and so much more. Most of those, btw, have newsfeeds so you can keep up to date on the news for that team/country/state/agency.

There is also the new simulation baseball league, the new Twins podcast, the new Campaign Press Release archives, the trying-to-become-a-regular Average People's Movies and the Race to the Right show prep, recap and podcast jumping spot. Someday each of these will hit 1000 too. Well, someday, maybe.

Thanks for reading and keep on coming.


Blogger Marty said...

The sad part is your 1000th post came about 2 weeks after mine, and I've been blogging 18 months longer than you.

May 03, 2006  

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