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Thursday, May 04, 2006

On 2nd thought

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/04/2006

Yesterday I posted my quick reaction to the Zacarias Moussaoui verdict. I had not thought much about what I hoped for from the verdict because I wanted to have my own quick fire reaction. Ain't doing that anymore.

After thinking about I realize my reaction yesterday, no matter what, was going to be wrong. Thank you to Beau Peep for pointing out that there really were no solutions that worthy a good solution.

I actually am going to blame the Bush Administration for this. More on that in a moment.

Moussaoui was in a no-lose situation.

He could not care less if he died and he would die a martyr's death and die believing that he was advancing his cause by his death and doing Allah's work in the meantime.

He could not care less if he lived. After all he stands a chance of becoming the celebrity that Tookie Williams did. Mumia Abu-Jamal is. Leonard Peltier. The Left has a very short memory when it comes to the punishing evil people.

Parole? Very likely with a mushy, weak-spined President like Carter. Very likely with a need-to-win-at-any-costs type of President.

He wins no matter what.

Now why do I blame the Bush Administration for this? Because this Moussaoui case was THE prime example of someone that should have been tried in a military tribunal. Upon his sentence he could have been shipped to, I don't know, some ally. Maybe Israel.

They put him in our court system and from that moment on his case was an example of how our enemy will use our system to mock us and destroy us instead of being an example of why not to mess with the U.S.A.

Mark that one in the whoops-a-daisey category against the Right. (The Left's marks are from the anti-Iraq movement which is now causing a bigger problem with Iran and our dragging our feet with that threat.)

What is going to be the unintended consequences of this case? This case combined with the anti-Gitmo and anti-"torture" sentiments will embolden the enemy that if they get caught it is "not a big deal". So what stops them from moving forward? Worse, they can be more brazen about it all. Why not? Getting caught by us will be a time at Club Med (the ideal 'prison' of the Left) and they likely won't get killed. Even if they were killed they would be a martyr.

Moussaoui spat in our face. Either way it was a can't-lose situation for him. Even if he gets murdered while being locked up he has proven that the system for this society is one more tool they will be able to use to mock us and destroy us.


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