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Monday, July 10, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean ride refurbished

--posted by Tony Garcia on 7/10/2006

(H/T: Chocolate Chip Cookies Rock)
The Disneyland version of the ride Pirates of the Caribbean has been refurbished and now includes Captain Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones. There is a video of the new presentation and of Johnny Depp's impression.

How good is the Captain Jack Sparrow animatronic? I thought it might have been Depp in costume prancing through the ride.

Check it out.

By the way, in case you have not heard. Pirates broke many box office records. The biggest single day and the biggest opening day records are now owned by Pirates 2 with a $55.5 million opening on Friday (of which my wife & I were part of...we paid our $400 to see the movie, and our $3000 for popcorn, soda and dots). The previous #1 in both categories was Star Wars Episode III with a $50.0 million opening day. (For those of you wondering, yes, the lists are different as Pirates now has the #1 and #5 biggest single days.)

No movie reached $100 million faster than Pirates did this past weekend. It took only 2 days. The previous record was the full box office weekend (3 days) done by 5 movies, most recently X-Men 3 a few weeks ago.

The 3rd largest release is now Pirates...opening at 4,133 theatres beating Madagascar by 2 theatres and falling behind Shrek 2 (4,163) and Spiderman 2 (4,152).

The third movie in the series, At World's End, will be released 5/25/2007.

If I get a few more free moments I will write a review.


Blogger gbradley said...

The Movie is very good Entertainment.
But now I can't help but think of Mick Jagger whenever I watch Captain Jack.

July 10, 2006  
Blogger Douglas said...

I have a review at Crossword Bebop

July 11, 2006  

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