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Monday, August 07, 2006

Baseball League is rolling again

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/07/2006

Think YOU can build a dynasty?
Do you love baseball?
Do you have an interest in stats and stuff?

Join the Beginner's Luck Baseball League! It is NOT fantasy baseball. It is a Simulation Baseball League. Your management skills are highly important in order to win...season after season.

We are able to get through a season in about 4 or 5 months...from spring training through the playoffs and the winter meetings. Amateur draft...have it. September call ups...have it. Minor league teams...have it.

To join you simply need to go to the owner's forum, see which teams are available, make your choice and register.

The talent was distributed...
We turned off the financials. No more "buying a pennant" and no "small market" excuses. We start from go and it is up to you to build a winner.

The 2005 MLB rosters were dumped into a pool and everyone was redrafted. Yep...Carlos Silva is a Dodger now. We have begun the new season, but it is not too late to join.

YES, the league was running before. We had a catestrophic crash of the hard drive on which the league was stored and run...a software upgrade that made uploads take 4 days...a change of website hosting.

Everything has been fixed and tested. We are go for launch.

Check it out...and join.

(If you are not a baseball fan but know ANYONE who is please send them to this post and/or to the league to join. Thank you.)



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