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Monday, November 20, 2006

Back off Viking Fans

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/20/2006

I was wearing my 49ers jersey this past weekend. As many know, my favorite NFL teams are the 49ers and the Colts. The 49ers have been my #1 team since Los Angeles lost my hometown Rams before the 1995 season and the Colts my #2 team since they drafted Peyton Manning before the 1998 season. I liked the Vikings before I moved to Minnesota...watched Ahmad Rashad's 'Miracle Catch' in 1980. I moved to Minnesota and still like the Vikings...until I witnessed the bandwagon hopping worse than I have seen anywhere else. Since then I have not been a supporter of the purple.

So when Vikings fans start to ride me for wearing my 49ers jersey (like many have this past week) I feel I have more ground to respond.

This Season
The 49ers (5-5) beat their division leading Seahawks (6-4) yesterday. The Vikings (4-6) lost to the Dolphins (4-6). The 49ers are in their longest winning streak (3 games) since weeks 8-10 in 2002. With the win yesterday the 49ers will have their best record since the 2003 season when. If (and this is a big IF) they split their remaining schedule the 49ers will avoid being under .500 for the first time since 2002. Even more importantly for the sake of the franchise, if they can pull off a .500+ record this season they will end the run of 3 consecutive losing seasons...and avoid matching the franchise's longest run of 4 season (which was from 1977-1980).

The 49ers this week are 1 game ahead of the Vikings. Last season the 49ers were a game ahead of the Vikings for only the first two weeks. To go later than week 2 and find the 49ers ahead of the Vikes you have to go back to 2002.

2005...Week 2 (SF 1-1, Min 0-2)
2002...Entire Season (SF 10-6, Min 6-10)

Clearly the 49ers have been on a downtick. But that seems to have turned around when compared to the team of my antagonists (the Vikings). And keep in mind also that the 49ers beat the Vikings this year!!!

All I have to say here is
1. San Francisco vs Minnesota all time head-to-head: 20-19-1
2. Championships...San Francisco is 5-0 in the Super Bowl and the Vikings are 0-4.

So, when I wear my jersey...BACK OFF.


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Blogger rvm4 said...

Amen, bro. We in the land of the Purple are the ficklest of fans, no question. But, I do truly believe that when push comes to shove comes to tire iron to the skull, the frozen masses will rise up to prevent any attempt to move the Vikings out of state. Hell, the People's Republic of Minneapolis won't even let them move the the vast wastelands of Blaine.

Go Broncos.

December 07, 2006  

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