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Saturday, October 27, 2012

In TSA You Can Trust

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/27/2012

Maybe you can trust TSA but I hear too many stories like this one. That and growing up in Europe in the 80's when terrorism was always a real threat has made it so that my bags never leave my sight not even for the agents of TSA.
Terri Ivester says, “The TSA agent holds my backpack up, and um, says there’s a water bottle in this backpack, I’m going to have to take that.”

That’s when Ivester says the agent left the area with her bag.
Sorry, I would never have left my bag unattended with such unsavory folks like a TSA agent.

So what happened to the poor person who trusted the government agent?
She realized she was missing four pieces including a single strand of pearls and a double strand bracelet totaling $3,700.
Scared yet? It goes on.
The Transportation Security Administration recently revealed that 382 of its agents have been fired for theft in the past ten years. According to Nacara, six TSA agents have been fired from Logan out of the thousands hired. He says Logan’s high-tech security camera system closely monitors checkpoints and is often used to resolve cases of theft.
Don't trust TSA...ever.



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