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Monday, November 12, 2012

Agenda 21 - Attack On Sovereignty

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/12/2012
In case you have not heard about it before I thought I would mention something now. One of the scariest things from the United Nations (and something that we may eventually succumb to given the pro-globalist leanings of our President) is call Agenda 21.

The reason it came to mind for me now is that I recently saw an ad promoting this horrific thing. The text of the advertisement:
For millions of years this lake thrived, but now it is dying.
Poisoned by humans who put themselves above nature.
It's time to stop the killing.
It's time to heal the planet
It's time to remove your footprint.
Agenda 21 is coming soon.
That's right...follow that advertisement's logic (as it is presented by the text, rightly or wrongly) which says that Humans should not be above the planet and humans have a footprint, but it is time to remove footprints. In other words, remove humans for the sake of the planet.

I know what the Church of Global Warming will say to the breakdown of the ad's logic. "We want humans to remove their carbon footprint." That, however, is not much better. "Remove", not "reduce" (which I also find objectionable), is the word being used. It is foolish to think that every word in the ad was not chosen deliberately. "Remove" the carbon footprint.

No more cars, planes, trains or ships; no more cell phones, television, movies or electricity and probably not even the oil known as "heating oil". No more commercial farming which means if you can't farm it yourself you don't eat it. Well, unless you have the currency of trade in a society that takes major steps backwards.


This is all in the name of the false god that the Church of Global Warming members worship: Ma Earth hot flashes. This is all driven on broken science assumptions and unsettled science. Somehow the congregation believes it is right to send the world back to the Stone Age because through some sort of miracle they can predict temperatures down to the tenth of a degree hundreds of years into the future of weather when they still cannot even predict earthquakes or even next month's temperatures within 1 degree.

Scary. Well, scary to people who love freedom. Warm and fuzzy to the people who hate freedom, technology and civilization.

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