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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Color Me Disappointed

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/01/2012

Game 2 of the 2012-13 season and the over stocked Lakers are, well, oh-fer. Frustrating.

I know, two losses with 80 games to go is not a lot. But to lose by 10 to Portland. Portland. C'mon, man. The key in this game: 24 turnovers which was double the amount by Portland.

C'mon, man.

Suddenly flashbacks of the disappointing season with Shaq, Kobe, Peyton and Malone are surfacing in my mind. Is it time already to stick a fork in this season? I mean, Los Angeles fans just finished watching the hated baseball Giants win another World Series after the Dodgers just melted down. We are a little sensitive to higher expectations...and have much higher expectations for the Lakers.



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