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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Gay marriage

--posted by Unknown on 11/04/2012

Gay Marriage and the Minnesota Constitution


  I would like to start my contribution to this blog by adding my thoughts to the marriage amendment being considered for the state constitution.  I plan on voting no for the following reasons.

1.        Maybe I am a bit rusty on the constitution but I am sure that in the there somewhere is language regarding equal protection under the law.  If I am right and any rights are granted to married couples then we must either recognize same sex relationships or the government needs to get out of the marriage business.  What comes to mind immediately is power of attorney, inheritance and tax codes.

2.       I don’t believe that the marriage amendment will stand up to the supreme court of Minnesota and rulings from other states lend weight to my position.   I think the U.S. supreme court will someday here the matter but until then I think the state courts will continue their current track

3.       With the tremendous level of debt at both the state level and national level the court costs don’t justify any gains that would be made.  With gay marriage already not legal we are doing no more than making it more not legal.  I know the anti-gay marriage folks are trying to avert the courts making it legal as they did in Iowa but please refer to my first point.

4.       They church has every right to not ever recognize gat marriage and would never expect them to recognize it nor should they ever have to.  They can speak of moral all they wish but I don’t want my church dictating what is acceptable in society much less some OTHER church deciding what our laws should be.  I wonder what the westburo Baptist church would like to see change.  If one thinks I am off base here please keep in mind that the southern Baptists in our country try to dictate policy on a regular basis.

5.       My number one reason is my children.  I have a son and a daughter with one on the way.  I imagine someday one of my children who I love with all of my heart coming to me and declaring that they are gay.  I would never want that for them because I think gay people have a tough row to hoe but still, they tell me that they have found the love of their life.  Who am I to say how a person lives their life but for my kids I just want them to be happy, I love them and really only want them to be productive members of society and happy and if my son wants to be happy and marry some fella and contribute to America who am I to stand in his way or tell him marriage is out of the question… 



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