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Monday, November 05, 2012

Safety, Security, Freedom

--posted by Unknown on 11/05/2012

I have thought long and hard over the past several years about the above mentioned items for my writings this week and feel I should air my opinions on these matters.

Way back near the turn of the century we all remember when terrorists attacked us on our own soil. What followed amazed me and continues to this very day. The champions of freedom decided that from then on going forward, for safety and security, our freedoms should be diminished. There is and always will be an eternal tug of war that balances security with freedom but I don’t think there has to be. I must admit I think it is odd that the people who foisted this upon us would a few short years later shriek with all their might that an opposing political party was robbing the people of their God given freedoms would be the same ones who used fear to take other freedoms.

The Patriot Act allows our government to search United States citizens without approval by the courts showing cause but merely by suspecting citizens of wrongdoing. I allow our government to detain us for no predetermined amount of time and without the ability to face our accusers or the right to a speedy trial by a jury of our peers. Let this all soak in for a moment if you were unaware. Any person who is a member of the NRA or ACLU has to cringe at this loss of rights; any person who wants a return to a more constitutional way of doing things must be disgusted by these laws. Republicans say and do nothing about the Patriot Act, they thought the damn thing up, but rest assured the Democrats with a super majority will address this clearly unconstitional law, nothing, nada, squat. Both parties refuse to address it under what I am sure is the guise that it is keeping us safe and if a few citizens get unjustly labeled an enemy combatant, I am sure the government has good reason, or the guy is sleeping with the wrong guys’ wife. But be reassuered that maybe someday the supreme court will weigh in on this one.

Another dandy imposed by the newly minted Department of Homeland Security was the wonderful TSA that costs us all dearly, pays poorly, and frisks us all regularly. I object to the TSA just on a cost basis alone and I don’t think they do a whole lot to keep us safe anyway but here is what I think on the entire boondoggle. We shouldn’t have a Dept. of Homeland Security, the FBI and NSA can more than handle it, we shouldn’t have a Patriot Act that robs us of freedoms. I think the price of freedom, true freedom, is much, much higher. I think the price of freepom is higher than our young men crossing an ocean, spilling their blood, and dying on some foreign soil. I think the price of freedom demands more than just my life, the true price of freedom is the lives of my children. Security should do what it can but to truly be free we must ALL be willing to lay down our lives for it. I may very well be wrong but I would rather live a truly free life and risk it being taken by someone who hates it for me, than give them to others, including my own government. Do away with the TSA and DHS, bomb us and destroy a major city or two if you must, just know you are killing and bombing people that are free, and will always be so, until we take it away from ourselves.

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