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Friday, March 25, 2005

Greer Just wants her dead

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/25/2005

Judge Greer has consistently ruled against any evidence that would give Terri the benefit of the doubt.
In his ruling, Greer said an affidavit from a neurologist who believes that Schiavo is "minimally conscious" was not enough to set aside his decision to allow the withdrawal of food and water.
That's right, his decision is too good to be re-thought at the advice of an expert ont the matter!

Another gem showing Greer wants death over fact is this:
"By clear and convincing evidence, it was determined she did not want to live under such burdensome conditions and that she would refuse such medical treatment-assistance,"
Yep, the man who needs evidence of his murdering his wife destroyed, Michael Schiavo, said seven years after the incident that she would have wanted to die. 5 years after Michael Schiavo testified that she would want to be kept alive, he changes his tune...he and he alone is considered 'clear and convincing evidence'. Judge "Kill 'em all" Greer stikes truth down again.

And the Vatican condemns each of the decisions made along the way.
A top Vatican official, Monsignor Elio Sgreccia, also criticized the ruling, saying it legitimized a "cruel" death by hunger and thirst for Schiavo. Sgreccia, who heads the Pontifical Academy for Life, told Vatican Radio that he hoped the ruling wouldn't be repeated in other cases.
And then they nailed what is actually happening by
"saying that removing the brain-damaged American woman's feeding tube amounted to capital punishment for someone who has committed no crimes."

I thoguht Terri would have died already. It sounds like she is now showing signs of deep dehydration. But, this is a peaceful way of dying...so why did we help those people who had no water after the Tsunami?

Her Quality Of Life is terrible...so define Quality Of Life please.

If you watch the video of her she is no different than a 6-month old baby with cerebral palsy. Why should we kill her and not the baby?

Why do we think that starvation of lab rats is not acceptable...not humane...yet Terri is going to be killed by "peaceful starvation".

We are killing Terri even though there are very numerous, reasonable and substantial questions surrounding every aspect of her case. Yet a death row murderer is granted a stay because there were questions about the there was a question about if his side was heard correctly.
"Judge Means' order was that nobody's ever heard this guy's competency question," attorney Jack Strickland said. "This guy ought to at least have a chance to put on his evidence."
Yet poor Terri will be killed with so many questions about her.

Is she in a vegatative state? She has not been examined for a few years. The "minimally conscious" diagnosis was not in practice when she was first diagnosed.
What caused her collapse? It was not a heart attack. Bulemia is a candidate, but so is abuse considering the broken bones she had. Considering the testimony of a big fight the night before her collapse and that her friends and family say she was going to tell him that she was divorcing him the day she collapsed.
Could she have recovered? While receiving treatment she was getting better.
Did she want to die? Michael testified that she would want to be kept alive. Then he won the malpractice money, got engaged, got a new lawyer and got a new story...she said while watching a movie that she would not want to live. No one else knows.

The questions go on and on. One question saves a killer. Many questions can not save Terri.


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