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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

CR 'vets' for Truth

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/23/2005

CRNC Truth Caucus reports some bad news for Hoplin-ite Gourley (candidate for CRNC Chair) from Michigan.

The CR Liar for Hoplin-ites are on a mission to tell the truth (nevermind their misleading name--they are not Veterans of any Armed Service) about, among other things, "and the healthy and heated race for National Chairman" and the "truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

Click here for their reporting on the development in Michigan.

Dead link? Try again. Oh, wait, they are not reporting the whole truth. They only report Good Gourley news and anti-Davidson venom. Guess they do have a vendetta.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you talking about? they have covered it as much as anyone- and are no more guilty of biased coverage than anyone else!

what's up with your obsession over the vets thing? anyone knows the term has multiple usages and only a fool would think they wanted to trick people into thinking they fought in the armed forces? i think you need to step back a little here and realize how your obsession with this language seems

March 25, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

actually, as of the time of my post they did not...in fact it was 2 days later that they buried the anti-Gourley news in the midst of multiple posts.

by the way, thank you for keeping tabs from your blog, the CR 'vETS' for 'truth?'.

April 14, 2005  

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