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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Strib's editorial board gets facts wrong

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/22/2005

This editorial is so fricking off base that they should give a refund on today's subscription.
despite her expressed wishes to the contrary
resolved to honor his wife's declared wishes
attempt to honor his wife's wishes
That's right...3 times in 7 paragraphs they flatly declared that Terri's wishes were to die. Let's review the timeline on this.

*In 1990 Terri collapsed.
*Then Michael, while trying to win money testified that she would have wanted to stay alive.
*His girlfriend at the time remembers that he continually said he did not know what she wanted.
*Michael wins money
*Michael claims that during a viewing of a movie Terri said she would not want to live like "that"

Certainly sounds like her declared wishes, huh.
Certainly sounds like that Michael is a credible guy.

Did I mention that the bone scans showed that she had a broken back, broken ribs, knees and other broken bones...all from around the time of her collapse?

Those who want to pull her tube are no better than the Nazis who killed based on their perception of quality of life.


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