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Saturday, March 26, 2005

MSM and Dems try to kill free speech

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/26/2005

Hat tip to Anti-Strib whose analysis is right on.

Here is an article explaining the how and why of the MSM and the Democrats trying to kill free speech by the common person.

Thanks to McCain-Feingold for screwing up campaigns and tilting the power to the media and incumbents and the rich.

***** CORRECTION *****
The link is not to an 'article' but to an op-ed. Generally I do not make a distinction between 'article' and 'op-ed' because the media (all variations of them) mix the opinions, editorializing and fact reporting to the point that sometimes the distinction is negligible.

On the other hand I try to make a distinction between 'articles' and 'postings' because the posting tend to be clips of articles through which the reader needs to read another link to get the full flavor.

Thank you to truthmissile for pointing out that the link is not an article.


Blogger TRUTHMISSILE said...

Your first mistake was getting your "facts" from Tech Central Station...


Despite its think tank pretensions, TCS appears to be more a corporate shill than a place of serious scholarship. Which is not too surprising given its sources of funding. It states, "Tech Central Station is supported by sponsoring corporations that share our faith in technology and its ability to improve modern life. Smart application of technology--combined with pro free market, science-based public policy--has the ability to help us solve many of the world's problems, and so we are grateful to AT&T, ExxonMobil, General Motors Corporation, Intel, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nasdaq, National Semiconductor, PhRMA, and Qualcomm for their support. All of these corporations are industry leaders that have made great strides in using technology for our betterment, and we are proud to have them as sponsors."

In a December 2003 article about the "think tank," the Washington Monthly described TCS as "journo-lobbying"-a new innovation in lobbying "driven primarily by the influence of industry. Lobbying firms that once specialized in gaining person-to-person access to key decision-makers have branched out. The new game is to dominate the entire intellectual environment in which officials make policy decisions, which means funding everything from think tanks to issue ads to phony grassroots pressure groups." (2)

According to the Washington Monthly, soon after ExxonMobil enlisted as a sponsor, TCS began running articles attacking the Kyoto accord and the science of global warming. And after the pharmaceutical lobby PhRMA hired TCS's parent company, DCI Group (a public affairs firm), TCS columnists wrote editorials and articles arguing against legislation that would allow the reimportation of drugs from Canada.

March 28, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention the article doesn't say anything about anything that is actually happening. Only about what the author THINKS might happen possibly in the future.

March 29, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

Your mistake is that you believe that the opinions follow the money. The truth is that more often than not the money follows the opinion.

April 07, 2005  

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